Fatima Trust

Our Mission

The Mission of Fatima trust charity cause is to help the Somali People and families living in the Horn with the numerous difficulties they are confronting for example Food Shortage, Education, Drought, and wellbeing and Malnutrition. Our priority service region is in those districts of Eastern Ethiopia and Somaliland.

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The East African countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti are confronting huge difficulties which are atmospheric and political. The ongoing dry spells has influenced the everyday environments of the East African people especially those living in Somalia and Somaliland.


With your efforts and kind donations, we can continue working to build infrastructure that will help those in need. Our kind donations go towards all of our different causes including: Priority for food security, Education, Creating the facilities, Providing clean water and much more...


Regardless of the troublesome conditions, we keep on working in Somalia to support the Somali public and families to accomplish a superior future. We help those confronting difficulties, for example, food deficiency, instruction, dry spell and lack of healthy sustenance.

Our Programmes

We provide solutions and aid for a variety of problems

Priority for food security

A few people, despite the fact that they cannot afford the cost of it, want to proceed with their strict religious duty to fast even though it would affect them dramatically. In the long periods of Ramadan we gave food to the families to fully fill their Islamic obligations in Ramadan 2018.

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Helping on ramadan

Indeed in the hour of Ramadan we helped individuals to satisfy their Islamic obligations. We have helped them by likewise fabricating Mosques close by and there are still more action items, yet for that we need your help and your assistance.

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Creating the facilities

Children need a safe and secure place to practice their religion. We are working with our partners to invest in building facilities for boys and girls to be able to teach them to read arabic and for them to study the Quran. We will be creating different classes for both boys and girls for them to feel comfortable when taking these classes.

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