Our Aims

To provide basic essentials

Water and Shelter is a must for everyone

Youth Programs

To combat empower young people

Training young adults

For a skilled labour force e.g (technology, nursing)

Building Health Clinics

To enhance the quality of life & wellbeing

Kawasar Foundation's Goals

Our Vision

Ku soo dhawaada Kawasar Foundation! Welcome to Kawasar Foundation! We are a charity with the goal of helping the ones who have been left out and forgotten in Somalia to success.We are determined to tackle many social issues such as poverty, violence and malnutrition through our donation program.

By networking with others within the country and creating a team effort your donation can directly assist our goals for building better opportunities for the disadvantaged in Somalia. Iskaashato ma kufto! Collaboration does not fail!

Our main goal is create drastic change through Somalia leading to a better more prosperous future.Helping children means helping the planet.