About Us

Rayaan is a place where you can grab a coffee, have a snack, feed the family or indulge yourself in a proper day out, coffee, tea and delicious food. Providing old school hospitality in a relaxed, friendly and vibrant environment, a local restaurant situated in the heart of Tottenham. So come visit Rayaan, Our restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 8 am to 10 PM.

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Reserve Your Seats to Confirm if You Come with Your Family

Mahamed Abdalla

“Excellent food quality & customer service.”

Gerti Qamili

“Was struggling all day to find a restaurant, came across this local restaurant and it never failed to impress. It was amazing from customer service to the food provided, prices were worth the penny and the food excellent quality. Thanks to the manager Abdalla for making us feel welcomed and comfortable.”


“One of the best sport restaurant around the area, food is nice and the price is reasonable. Tea ( ginger tea) was amazing.”

Majin Blue

“Amazing quality of food, prompt service, loads of space, clean toilet area, however it can get quite loud at times. Also, a screen can be provided if you want to have a private meal or gathering etc.”