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Fast food doesn't have to be sub-standard burgers and soggy chips - this is London, after all, and the busiest city in the world wants great food, quick. So we have obliged, meaning fast food in London can come from some of the tastiest places around, from simple pastries and sandwiches all the way up to a piles of BBQ food and fast food, which is where we come in. So if you're wondering where to get a quick meal in London, have a look at our menu and order online now.

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When you're so hungry your stomach can't wait, enter London's best fast food joints. Whether it's pizza, burgers or a pair of posh chicken wings, here's where to get your fix

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Review from Trip Advisor

Mizan A

Me and my friends when we can't decide where to go we always end up here. Good food, good portions albeit I always get a platter. Loadsa variety. Cash only unless you download their app. Definitely worth a visit. Me and my friends always drive from Forest Gate, so we like this place alot I guess.

Review from Trip Advisor


We came here for dinner with some friends. The chicken steak and lamb chops were very tasty, the rump steak way too thin for my liking. Pizza was ok. The place is nice and modern but table tops were very sticky on our table, which is a bit unhygienic for a restaurant. Still liked the place and would definitely come back.

Review from Trip Advisor


Never enjoyed a steak like this juicy, spicy, tasty, mouth watering, succulent food in my life. Well done guys, keep it up

Review from Trip Advisor


Great tasting food been coming here since they opened. Even with my work colleagues. You must try out the chicken burgers and lamb burgers also their lovly your favorite chocolate bar milk shake yummy yummy food and drink.

Review from Trip Advisor


This place is about ten seconds' walk from our house which is excellent for when we need hangover food. They recently raised their prices from ridiculously low to sensible which we thought was sensible. The pizzas have a delicious base, no tomato sauce but something else, and are very well topped with toppings and cheese. We have also had their grilled chicken which was excellent. The only downside is they seem to change their pizza recipes for Ramadan and they are bad then, but just avoid that time!

Have it Delivered to you Doorstep!

Ordering food and having it deliver to your doorstep and tasting exactly the same as it would in the restaurant is a satisfying and relaxing feeling that you will quickly grow attached to with our new services.

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